The Towalla is a very versatile cloth made of 100% Cotton woven in Turkey. My designs derive from my original drawings or watercolors. Towallas are very light, soft & highly absorbent, making them great towels to use in bathrooms, at the beach or Pool, or simply to decorate. They can be used as Table cloths, Shawls, Throws on a sofa, chair or on pool lounges. I have a friend who even uses them as hair wraps. The possibilities are endless and left to your imagination. I love to hear & see how they are enjoyed.

The word “Towalla”?  Simple – It’s a word I invented which is a combination of “Toalla” in Spanish meaning towel, “Towel” in English, and “Toile” in French (meaning Cloth).




P.S  The more you use & wash them the softer they become, so use them often and don’t be afraid to stick them in the washer when you are done.